Facebook Engagement Strategy

Listen, Facebook can be time consuming but it can also be a mecca of qualified leads if you use it correctly. And being able to win means learning the rules of engagement. So let's get smart about Facebook and how we use it to increase the visibility of our businesses and/or charities.

1. Post often and be creative!

People want to know who you are before they do business with you so be sure to give them a sneak peek at how awesome you are. Let me them about your prized pup, your recent cruise, how much you love Thai Food or what skill you're best at -- all this makes your fans and customers interested in you and your company.

2. Encourage tagging.

Do all you can to encourage your fans and friends to tag themselves in your posts. Remember, all the excitment you can generate from others will translate into more page views, and that equals free advertising.

3. Visit other pages and comment on them.

The thing about social media that makes it so appealing is its social nature, therefore be social. Make sure to post comments on other pages often. Leaving comments on other websites that post your comments to Facebook is an excellent way of building name recognition on a much broader scale than you can reach on your own page.

4. Keep it real!

A big danger of marketing on Facebook is to come across as though you're advertising. At all costs, avoid coming across as salesy. Once you cross the line and make your friends feel as though all you care about is advertising, you can expect them to unfollow you quicker than you can say "I'm a spammer."

5. Make it part of your schedule.

There's no getting around it: social media takes time. That personal communication and unique personality you have that makes your page so popular simply can't be automated. Devote a portion of your time to your Facebook campaign and aim to post several various types of updates when you get online.

So Austin Women and Wine goers, I have a challenge for you. Befriend someone from the group and then ask them about their business. If they have a Facebook page for their business, like that page from your personal profile. Then ask them to do the same for you. I'd love for us to increase the exposure for our group here. We have a special treat for those with the most increased engagement and will be announcing that at the May event.

EXTRA BONUS STEP - If you have Facebook page for YOUR business, like their business page AS YOUR business page. Here's a quick tutorial.

Here's the Austin Women and Wine's lovely photographer - Ms. Jenny Shepard Jones. Jenny and I are friends already. Yay! But I've noticed Jenny has a link to her business here! Snappy Mom Photos.


Click the link to open up her Business page. Then click those three little dots to the right of the Message box. The drop down window pops up and you select "Like As Your Page...". Then select whatever page you wish to there. It's that easy.


Now you don't stop there. On her Snappy Mom Photos page go like her posts and thoughtfully comment on several of her posts. Facebook recognizes this as a genuine business relationship and now Snappy Mom will start to show up in your newsfeed. Then ask the lovely Ms. Jones to return the favor!

Go forth and be social my friends :)

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