Women and Wine is a unique circle of women, empowering one another in both our personal and professional lives, through volunteerism and friendship. We are women of all ages who like to socialize and network. This is an opportunity for women of the greater Austin Texas area to come together in this unique city and support each other in balancing family, jobs, and community involvement. If you enjoy building relationships or simply re-connecting with women you haven’t seen in a while, this is the perfect opportunity to do just that!


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hugs and welcome from founder Stefanie Raya

This lady on the right here, isn't the same gal she was 10 years ago or 10 months ago. She's evolving and growing. She came to Austin with no connections or friends. She was working for someone full-time, raising 2 sons, and being with her recently retired Army hubbie. She likes to think she had it all figured out, she didn't have a clue.

She attended a few networking events, and met someone who would change the course of her time in Texas. Teri was the founder of Women & Wine on Wednesdays and I instantly was drawn to her energy. We partnered up on a start-up company launching in the CBD space. Wasn't that a wild ride! But our friendship grew from mutual respect to a great fondness.

Through the course of knowing Teri, I am always reminded of what a huge heart she has and how I am a better person knowing her. Fate has led me to leading this group of amazing women as we navigate Austin's beautiful wineries, restaurants, people and places. I encourage you to step out and meet us at an upcoming gathering. You never know what it could lead to!


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